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Reseñas Sobre Nuestro Bufete de Abogados

Braeda L.
Being hurt on the job is never a pleasant experience. Especially when you have been at your place of employment for over 10 years. I am an older worker. I can tell you the Workers Comp. in Oregon is broken. SAIF was the insurer on my case. With out Adam Reed, Esq. I would have been left without much recourse to move on.Mr. Reed fought for me, reassured me and most of all prevailed for me. Communication and the flow of information from the office and Mr. Reed was seamless. I think these was one of the key factors in the out come of my case. In these times it is great to know you have a lawyer who is on your side and is honest with you. This is a rare occurrence. The staff at his office was responsive and kind, thank you Mellissa.I could go on about how much distain I have for SAIF and Workman's Comp. The pain, mental strain and inconvenience I endured through this claim was staggering. The one bright light was my attorney. How many people can say that about a lawyer? If you are legitimately hurt and need help, I highly recommend Mr. Adam Reed at Adams, Hill and Hess.Dear Oregon, you have a system that is horribly broke and unfair. Fortunately there is an attorney who can see the flaws and understands the process. Thank you again, Mr. Reed
Katey S.
I recently just closed my case with Mr. Hill. My experience was wonderful! Mr. Hill and his staff we very kind and professional. They took the time to answer all of my questions and keep in contact with me in regards to the status of my case. It was nice to feel confident I was leaving my case in good hands and be able to relax and focus on my future. I highly recommend Adams, Hill, and Hess for your personal injury case!
Sergio D.
Mi edperiesia con este buffete de abogado fue muy sactifactoria a mi esposa le ganaron su caso de lesion de auto son los mejore
Anders J.
One ordinary day while driving to work, I was struck by another vehicle. I experienced significant and disabling health problems. Due to the high cost of the medical treatments I would need, I considered simply accepting my new physical limitations so I would not go hopelessly into debt. At the time I was in school and financially struggling as it was, so I resolved to drop out of school due to the added costs of the accident.Then I contacted Adams, Hills, and Hess. They patiently heard my story and decided to take on my case. First thing, the firm strongly advised me to get all the medical treatment I needed and to not fear the costs. My health was their highest priority. On top of that, I was encouraged to stay in school and not forget about my goals.Adams, Hill, and Hess lead me through the legal process with confidence. When I had a question, they had an answer. My apprehension was met with understanding and compassion. As the firm recommended, I got all the medical treatment I needed and have made nearly a full recovery. After the case was resolved, all my medical bills were paid for. There was even money left to pay for a significant amount of my student loans! I also stayed in school and will graduate at the end of this term.I am tremendously grateful to Adams, Hills, & Hess. They gave me assurance I needed during the most fearful time of my life. The firm helped me get my health back, my life back, and to move in the direction of my dreams. I cannot recommend them highly enough to you!-Tyler F.
J D.
Helpful and realiable, will use there service again if need be. Adam was very helpful. Dan's pretty cool too.
Meredith P.
Handled my wife's auto accident a couple of years ago. Kept her informed and case went very well. When we were rear ended a couple of years later, it was a no-brainer as to who we would go to.
David S.
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Ashley C.
Mr. Hill was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional. While the outcome of my auto accident case is still uncertain, Mr. Hill provided me with all of the tools I need to make informed decisions going forward. He was also compassionate and kind. I highly recommend seeing advice and help from Daniel Hill.
Savanna Y.
Obtained services from Adam Reed, who came highly recommended, he did not disappoint! He was very easy to work with and knowledgeable of exactly what we needed! He went out of his way to make sure we understood everything (as law jargon can be completely confusing) and just made for an all around pleasant experience! I would definitely send people his way (and do) when I can!
Candi C.
I have found Jonathan Hess to be honest, trustworthy and kind. He listens. One of the qualities I appreciated most, his ability to put into words exactly what I was feeling, facing my challenges. He truly understood. Jonathan , successfully, represented me and I will highly recommend him to others.
Kelli R.
they have been really helpful in dealing with me and the circumstances of my automobile accident
Kathy F.
Met with Dan about a car accident and he gave me allot of information and actually recommend I first write a letter to the insurance company and see if they would settle with me. Told me what to say in the letter using some great wording and laws. I really appreciate the advise and I would highly recommend them if you have been in an accident or any personal injury.
Tiffany B.
Best service and most responsive group. They are extremely professional, smart, and keep your best interest at the forefront. I highly recommend Adam Reed. You will only be disappointed if you do not choose him to represent you. Strong work ethic, honest, and caring. What more could you ask for. Thank you Adam for your dedication and servant attitude toward helping your clients. So glad I found you! I never had to worry, your clear communication style and ability to consistently stay one step ahead proved invaluable.
Marivic T.
I was very impressed on how Mr. Hill handled my case. His staff are so nice to work with and kept me posted on how things were moving with my case. I know he worked hard for my case. I highly recommend his firm to all who have been in auto accident. They will take care of you! Thank you so much Mr. Hill, Andrea and Cruz..... More power to you and your company.
peggy O.
We were faced with a daunting legal problem, and Adams Hill & Hess gave the guidance and counsel that we needed to get through it. We would highly recommend them to anyone who found themselves confronted by a situation such as we were. We would give them the highest marks, and our thanks!
Angel B.
I had Dan Hill for my case and he did a very sufficient job. I was very pleased with his professional manner and I was explained to every step through the whole process. I never felt lost..His assistant Aislyn was also very helpful. She made sure all my questions were answered and kept me up to date. As well as took the time to re check and go over things. She went above and beyond. Great team and I would not only recommend Adams, Hill, & Hess...I would as well use them again if needed.
Catherine M.
Dan Hill is very professional! He is honest with probability of case outcomes and helpful in determining what to consider in pursuing a case. Thank you so much Dan for all your help!
Kesha T.
An excellent law firm. I highly recommend them!
Pastor T.
Jonathan Hess went above and beyond to get results for my case. It was not easy by any means. I cant thank this law firm enough for all of your extensive time and effort throughout the last two years. It definitely paid off to give Adams, Hill & Hess a call when I truly didn't know where to turn. I am BEYOND satisfied with the outcome and would definitely recommend Jonathan Hess to anyone in need! Thanks again guys! You knocked it out of the park!
Celestin K.
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Mirna Marisol R.
I had never been in a car accident before and when it happened I was pregnant. It was a scary moment not knowing what would happen and on top of that, I had no clue what to do. The person who hit me kept pressuring me into not reporting it to the insurance and it got even more complicated when they were trying to say they were not at fault as they “did not have record of a claim being filed by their driver.” Attorney, Daniel Hill, took care of everything and his lovely legal assistants were professional and courteous. All I had to do is get better. Although, my case was complicated they knew how to handle it, how to give me peace of mind. I was not stressed in any way because of the case. This office has been such a great help and I recommend it to anyone looking for an attorney. I was always informed on the progress of my case and was never forgotten as the assistants would follow up with me to see how I was doing. If I had questions, the legal assistant would always either give me an answer or find out the answer for me.I am very thankful and lucky to have found a great law firm to represent me. If I am ever in need of an attorney again, I know where I will be going for help.
Betsy L.
Daniel Hill was the most caring lawyer I've ever met. Extremely professional and worked so hard to get a settlement for me! Our family appreciates you!
millie L.
Adam as such a help when I went to see him. He totally explained how workers compensation claims work and all my options.He was generous with his time and easy to understand. The office is welcoming and confidence producing.
Tim B.
Dan Hill was the perfect attorney for me when I was injured in a motorcycle crash. He is a Godly, caring and compassionate person who protected my family in an ethical, caring manner.I highly recommend this firm for anyone who needs assistance with legal matters. They will take great care of you!
Ellen J.
Daniel Hill is my attorney and I want to share my experience with him and the caliber of the work he did for me. I am a widow with limited income. Daniel spent a great deal of time and effort on my behalf holding my insurance company accountable for my claim. I hold Daniel in high esteem and cannot thank him enough for his skill as an attorney and his care for me his client. If anyone needs an attorney that will go to bat for you and demonstrates great integrity it is Daniel Hill. You cannot find a more gracious, tenacious or skilled attorney. You can contact me if you want, but I would trust this man with my life and that is how it felt going through this. Call him!!
Steven B.
I received legal services from Daniel Hill. Daniel was courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. I would recommend Daniel's services to those in need of legal assistance related to vehicle accident injuries.
Raymond R.
Dan Hill helped me through a tough time in my case, and Brook was great in helping us ,thank you for everything and God bless you
Anna & Eric P.
I was involved in a car accident and was concerned about finding a quality attorney to handle my case. A friend of mine recommended Daniel Hill from Adams, Hill and Hess law firm. My first impression was very positive, as even the reception staff were very friendly and helpful. My first consultation with Mr. Hill was very informative, outlining possible outcomes, and he was very honest about his expectations from me, as well as what I could expect from him. Over the two years it took to resolve the issue, Mr. Hill always returned my phone calls in a timely fashion. He did a tremendous job looking out for my interests, and the entire process was TOTALLY stress free, as I knew I was in good hands with my attorney. It has been said that nobody likes an attorney until you need one - well, I like Mr. Hill, and I would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves needing representation in a personal injury case.I would also like to laud Ayslin, his legal assistant. I would call her first with any questions I had, and if she did not know the answer, she found the answer and got back to me the same day or the next day - every time. (I know I am not spelling her name correctly). She, along with Mr. Hill, were able to communicate relatively complex legal issues in a fashion that a non attorney could understand. I thoroughly appreciated that.I cannot say enough about the quality of work I received from Mr. Hill and his legal assistant, and I would have no problem whatsoever handing his business card to anyone who needs an attorney.Sincerely,Eric Poynter
Justin R.
Daniel Hill was great to work with. He took the time to assure that all my questions were answered and was fully informed and up to date on any changes or new information. Everyone from the firm I had an interaction with was kind and helpful. Great law firm to work with!
Jose R.
Such an amazing person great attorney helped me settle my case would recommend him 🙏 to anyone looking for an attorney
Ricky S.
Adam and his assistant are by far the best hands down very good at calling back there really nice honest and fast I would recommend anyone to hire this company
Veronica E.
Adam was very professional and explained everything very clearly concerning my workers comp claim. Him and his assistants were fast to respond to questions I had. I highly recommend him for any workers comp claims. Thank you Adam for all your help.
J* S.
I very highly recommend these guys if you ever need an accident attorney (as we did)!!!Johnathan and his staff (Sharyl specially), are just great at what they do.My adult son (who has aspergers) was hit in a crosswalk by vagrant member of society and, these guys made me feel so much better with everything and they explained things very well in every step.They truly do it because they love what they do.They even set my son up with a trust attorney (a friggin good one at that) so he got the settlement and not the government (irs and what not).
teri renee C.
I had a slip and fall case.With not much to go on and Hess did all he could to help me and in turn had my medical bill paid off.I can't thank all involved enough.Thank you.
Cheryl Y.
My name is Skip York. I was injured on the job and the time came when I felt I might need legal assistance with my SAIF claim. Adam Reed came highly recommended; I traveled several hours to meet with him. His friendly, yet professional mannerism made my decision an easy one, when the time came to hire him. Adam did not pressure me, he let me know he would be there if the time came I felt I needed legal representation. All, but our initial visit was handled through phone calls. Going through an injury is an emotional roller coaster, so it was nice to have someone I felt so comfortable to talk to. He answered all my questions and helped me be patient through the lengthy process. My case was recently closed and I couldn't have been more satisfied with the result. I would not hesitate to recommend Adam Reed to anyone that needs legal assistance. Thanks to him and his staff, I ended up with a very happy final outcome.
Junior P.
Mi nombre es María Luisa preciado y quiero decir Q el abogado Adam y su equipo son los mejores yo les estoy muy agradecida por toda la ayuda q me brindaron en mi caso .yo selos recomiendo a todas las personas.Gracias Adam y equipo q Dios siga bendiciendo su trabajo y a sus familiasDe todo corazón María preciado
Maria I.
Mi familia y yo recomendamos mucho a la bufete de de abogados Adams, Hill & Hess. Retuvimos al señor Daniel Hill para que representara a mi madre y a mis hijos en accidente que tuvimos. El Señor Hill y sus asistentes fueron honestos con su representacion y eficaz en su trabajo. Lo que ellos me dijieron fue harian fue cumplido y demostrado en su trabajo. Mi experencia con el bufete ha sido positivo y estoy muy agradecida con toda su ayuda y apoyo que han brindado a mi familia.De neuvo, gracias por toda su ayuda.
Raymond J.
Adam and his staff were very helpful and answered all my questions. Adam did an excellent job and would recommend him to anyone.
LaDonna C.
Mr Hill is knowledgable, such a helpful person and a real blessing.
Denise N.
We never anticipated needing the services of an attorney, until we were involved in an auto accident. The injuries my husband and I sustained, though not catastrophic, were serious and extensive enough, that it required a somewhat lengthy engagement between the two insurance companies involved. By representing us, Adams, Hill and Hess, rescued us from what would have been a very difficult, confusing and stressful process. We felt very well taken care of as they handled our case and helped us recover our losses fairly. We appreciate so much how honest, trustworthy and respectful they were to all parties involved. Thank you Adam Reed and Dan Hill for making this a surprisingly positive experience! We feel very fortunate to have such an excellent law firm in Salem, Oregon!
Jake J.
This firm is honest, caring and very professional. Versed in a wide range of law, they will leave you feeling confident in their ability to help you thru a difficult situation. A different kind of law firm with a different set of standards, you won't be disappointed.....thanks Adam and Dan!
Very pleased with their service & level of respect and concern to their clients needs .Highly recommend .
Ashley S.
My husband and I were previously in a very frustrating situation, but as soon as Adam Reed got involved we had nothing to worry about. He talked us through the whole process and made sure we got what we were asking for in a timely manner. Couldn’t have done it without him! We would highly recommend this firm.
David D.
Great personal attention to the case details that matter, was able to help me navigate through a quagmire of medical things. Personal service does matter to people and Adam Reed has it with his paralegal
Claudia H.
I had the best experiences with this law firm they help you and explain everything to you that relieves the stress that’s for all your work
Beth L.
Adams, Hill, & Hess had come highly recommended to us by a number of people when searching for a firm to represent our family after a car accident. It was important to us to choose not only a knowledgeable team, but also an honest and ethical firm we could trust. They absolutely fit the bill! From beginning to end, we received excellent customer service and were put at ease by their extensive knowledge, attention to detail, and their commitment to efficiently resolve our case in our favor. We recommend them, hands down!
vadim B.
They took an hour and a half out of their day to talk to me about my case with no consultation fee. Would definitely see them again.
Zachary J.
Adam Reed and his team helped me through my workers comp case and made me feel at ease throughout the whole process. Whenever I had any questions or concerns, Adam always made sure to contact me quickly to resolve any issues that occurred.If you need someone to stand up for the little guy, Adam is the person that you NEED in your corner.Also*** A huge shout out to all Adam’s legal assistants! Thank you. All of you are rockstars!!!I would recommend Adam and his team to everyone.
Darla M.
Attorney Hess accepted my difficult, far reaching case in which I stand ever so grateful. He spent extensive time, effort and energy in obtaining successful results for my situation. For those that need a more in-depth attorney with far reaching results than average, look no further than Mr.Jonathon Hess. Personal, friendly, compassionate service with outstanding professional results is what one receives.
Jo D.
Adam and Daniel were awesome. Helped us through our accident every step of the way. First law office ever for us to actually write it out while explaining everything, and not moving forward until we understood what was happening and all of our options. Never have had a problem just walking in and leaving documents or messages for Daniel at the front desk if he was unavailable. Staff is always friendly and helpful in person, or over the phone. These guys make you feel at home, and comfortable. Some attorneys in the past have treated us like a file not humans, but not here. Highly recommend!!
Kristen L.
This was my first experience with a lawsuit. Jonathan was upfront and honest. I was kept up to date on everything and was treated with respect.My settlement was fair and I was very happy with the outcome.I highly recommend Jonathan.Kristen
Lisa C.
Fantastic experience,From the moment my husband and I walked into Mr. Adam Reeds office, the overwhelming stress I had been under seemed to lift off my shoulders.. I had sustained a work injury that Saif, of course, had denied.. Adam put me right at ease, he was very professional, but I felt as though I was talking with a family member. Adam explained the process thoroughly, he walked us through different scenarios, he made no promises on outcomes... However when we left his office, I knew he would try his hardest for me, I knew I had someone knowledgeable, honest, kind and more than fair working on my behalf. All I had to do, was work on getting better.. If I had any questions, Adam and his assistants always got back to me in a timely matter and never made me feel foolish. Adam took care of everything like a champ! I feel We came to a mutual conclusion with Saif’s attorneys that was fair for all involved. I would not hesitate for a split second to give Mr. Adam Reed a call if I need him in the future. If you need a personal injury attorney, you should not hesitate to give him a call either. He will work hard for your best outcome! You will not be disappointed!
Isai T.
Very helpful staff. They help point you in the right direction. They don’t pressure you to hire them.
Sylvia C
I chose Mr. Reed mainly because he listened to me with genuine attention. He was very informative and gave me different options to deal with my situation.I went in his office with lots of worries and concerns and no idea what I was going to do. After our consultation I knew that Adam was who I needed to help me through my case. My case was 2 1/2 years. That entire duration Adam had the same focus on the last day as he did the first day I was very pleased and happy with his ability to communicate with me and keep me posted with any changes in regards to my case. I understood every step and that was helpful to me. I knew he had my best interests in hand.I whole heartily recommend this law office.Thank you again Mr Reed.Sylvia C.
brandy B.
I hired Adam Reed as my attorney several months ago, and was quite pleased I choose him to represent me in my wrks comp case. Mr. Reed was on top of every detail of my case, and was so awesome about explaining everything very thoroughly to me . His calm reassuring nature always eased my stress, and made me feel that not only did I have a great attorney working for me, I also had a good friend that truly cared about my best interest as a person. I would highly recommend Adam Reed to anyone in need of a excellent attorney! sincerely Brandy Bevens
tracey P.
We worked with Adam Reed and he guided has through the process and was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the law. We wouldn't have gotten the results without the help of this law group! Everyone was very nice and helpful! Thank you for putting on life back on track.
Abbey N
Adam Reed is our family attorney and we are so thankful he is. He's smart, honest, realistic, a great communicator and fair. We would gladly recommend the services of Adams, Hill and Hess to anyone!
Melissa G.
Mr. Hess is the best auto accident attorney in the state of Oregon. He and his assistant Cheryl are amazing and tell it how it truly is. They reflect professionalism and compassion to their clients. I am grateful for the amazing work on my auto case, thank you team Adams Hill & Hess!
Adriana V.
They are an awesome team that work for your benefit. Si necesitan un abogado con cualquier asunto en el despacho tienen personal que hablan español y su muy efectivos en su trabajo. Los recomendó.
Brad H.
I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Mr. Adam Reed. He and (Adams/Hill/Hess) were my first attorney/law firm to ever hire or work with.I worked with Adam for approximately 3 yrs, working through my workers comp injury case. It wasn’t easy to deal with the insurance companies or doctors along the way nor all the other issues that did arise from time to time.However, Mr. Reed did an excellent job on my case, he was very personable, always called to keep me apprised of anything changing.
Mark R.
My experience with Dan Hill beat my expectations by a long shot. Dan was extremely friendly and attentive to all my concerns. I was concerned about a contract I was bound to and what effects it may have on me as I looked for ways to get out of it. I was able to work around it perfectly and avoid any possible liabilities as a result.The value I received for the cost was outstanding.Thanks Dan!!!
steven G.
Adam Reed is an Awesome Attorney, He helped me through my workers comp case from beginning to end. Was always there for any help or questions and concerns. His staff is amazing as well. Always very helpful and explaining in detail every step of the way.I would very much recommend him to anyone needing a good Attorney.Thank you so much Adam for all you did to help me out.
Kristina O.
Adam Reed is an amazing attorney! My husband hurt his back on the job, and even though he has worked really hard all of his life in underground construction and paid into workers compensation, SAIF Corporation tried to do the absolute minimum and tried to make him basically work for his compensation even though he had already earned it and paid into it! Adam Reed changed that! He was aggressive and was able to get a large amount of compensation for my husband and our family! Not only did Adam get a large compensation from SAIF he continued to help my husband to have pharmacies put medication through and helped him get approved for a surgery that will in the long run help him tremendously!! Adam treated us like family and made us feel very at ease! I would recommend Adam Hill and Hess to anyone! Thank you again Adam you are a blessing and an amazing human being!
Daniel P.
Adams, Hill & Hess is a complete class act. They are honest, ethical, and most importantly will do the best job for your particular case. I would 100% recommend them to anyone that is looking for an awesome personal injury law firm in Salem.
Mayra G.
I am so pleased to have worked with Mr. Hill. There is no one I would recommend more than I can with Mr. Hill and his team. He was a beacon of hope for myself in a hard time. His calm empathetic demeanor and knowledge offered emotional succor to myself. There was always great communication and so much support throughout this journey.We had a great outcome and I was able to receive what I deserved. I am eternally grateful for his service and hard work. I hereby recommend Mr. Hill at Adams hill and Hess without reservation. Thank you so much.
Jack H.
Just what I was looking for and what I needed. Adam was so easy to work with and go the job done.
Trevor A
Adam Reed did an amazing job representing me, he went above and beyond what I expected. Thanks for everything Adam!!!!
Kristina M
I couldn't be any more grateful for Dan Hill and Aislyn for how they handled my incident. Great 2 to work with. I strongly recommend this firm to work with intelligent, professional, friendly and caring people.

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