Lake Oswego freeway ramp flaw triggering crashes


The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) recently discovered that a road joint, seaming together sections of the flyover ramp connecting northbound Interstate 5 and Highway 217, may be a factor in multiple car accidents. The problem area appears to be on the right side of the left lane, where the joint’s metal teeth are separating and are slightly out of plumb. Drivers hitting the dislocated section of the road joint at highway speeds are in danger of spinning out.

ODOT discovered the problem after there were at least 9 crashes on the freeway off-ramp over a three week period this spring, including three crashes in one day. However, problems with this road joint are not an entirely new development as the joint has occasionally separated in the past. Between 2008 and 2012, crews responded to 37 crashes on this flyover ramp. 26 of those 37 crashes resulted in injuries.

If you, or anyone you know, has been involved in an accident near this unsafe section of Interstate 5 we recommend that you contact a personal injury lawyer immediately in order to pursue the appropriate legal action to protect your interests.

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